Andy DeSoto Building Maintenance – Inside
Brian King Education – 6-12
Bryan Basham Administration + Adult Ed
Caleb Boyd Technology – Website
Carl Grimes Welcome/Greeting
Charlie Scott Youth – L2L & CYC
Chris Mallard Congregational + Young Families Events
Daniel Haile VBS
Doug Patterson Youth Activities
Dustin Murphy Technology – Social Media
Eric Brown Congregational Events
Greg Philpott Administration + Transportation
Gregg Lawrence Prayer
Joel Sanders Technology – Website
Lucas Rogers Young Families – Education
Matt Phillips Outreach & VBS
Matthew Ruiz Men’s Events
Paul Holbrook Technology
Robert Brent Building Maintenance – Outside
Sam Netterville Security + Attendance
Shaine Street Young Families + Involvement + Spiritual Growth
Sid Heffington Congregational Events + Involvement
Stephen Ward Congregational Events
Steve Moffett Administration SOH Special Ops
Tim Chase Security + Technology Website
Tim Nichols Youth – Elementary Activities
Victor Lay Education – Adult

Andy DeSoto

Leads, plans, organizes, coordinates, engineers, solicits bids, reviews proposals to ensure our building is attractive, safe, and effectively maintained (inside).  Works across the organization to solicit ideas, support, and helps in making this a congregational activity where appropriate. To lead by serving.

Bryan Basham

In addition to adult education, aids the leadership of this congregation by helping each Deacon perform to their best ability. Coordinates the work of our deacons and the deacon meetings. Helps the members by serving as a clearing house for information. Aids the Elders in communication with the deacons in the facilitation of their assignments. […]

Brian King

In concert with our youth minister helps define, create, staff and lead Bible study for our youth groups. Works across the congregation to staff with our best teachers for grades 6-12. Develops curriculum for grades 6-12. To lead by serving.

Caleb Boyd

Primary point of contact and leader for all technology issues.  Works with the team to ensure requests are handled appropriately and timely. Orchestration, supervision, and maintenance of church email, church Directory, Onboarding, Tech Support, EasyTithe, VBS sign-up, Website, Honeywell thermostats, and Stewardship Committee.  To lead by serving.