Maury Christian Camp and Horizons at FHU

This is the last week to sign up for Maury Christian Camp at the $155.00 rate.

It will go up to $185.00 Sunday night at Midnight. (this is the normal cost).
If your child is 10 years old we would love for them to go to camp! There are 2 weeks available.
June 3-8
June 10-15  (this is the week the majority of Spring Meadows attends)
Both weeks are excellent!
Here is the link to register.
Horizons at FHU is almost full.
This is a leadership base camp and I HIGHLY recommend it!
July 1-6
It is for grades 6-12
The cost is $200.00 per person
HOWEVER Spring Meadows pays 1/2 of this cost.
To register see me for a paper application OR go to:
If you want to go to these camps and it is a financial burden, please contact me. We have the funds for you to attend! We want you there!