Deacons (Page 3)

Shane Street

Works with other deacons across the organization to plan, develop, and execute events specifically focused on young families.  To encourage involvement outside of the church and seek and save the lost.  To increase our spiritual awareness and tune or minds to God’s will for our lives.  To share the Good News with others. To lead […]

Victor Lay

Works to facilitate a program that makes the Bible come alive for all adults. To encourage those who teach. To develop future teachers. To help make our program a beacon to reach others. Implements adult educational programs both within this church and in the larger community in such a way as to increase the knowledge […]

Matt Phillips

Works to define methods, events, and practices that reach out to the community.   To make them feel honored and special and valued by God and this congregation. To seek and save the lost. Further, being effective in our follow-up and connecting with them, especially spiritually.  Facilitate a Vacation Bible School program that makes the Bible […]

Tim Chase

Acts a primary point of contact when Caleb, Technology Leader, is unavailable.  Works with the team to ensure requests are handled appropriately and timely.  Helps keep the Lord’s facility both friendly and inviting, but also safe and secure, for both the congregation at worship and special events, and those serving and being served at Spring Meadows […]

Matthew Ruiz

Facilitates and implements men’s programs that will create a greater knowledge of God’s word, leadership training, family leaders of Christian homes, teachers of adult classes, and Christian community leaders. Brings men into God’s kingdom that will train and help attain these objectives, both inside Spring Meadows and in our church brotherhood. To lead by serving.

Stephen Ward

Creates events and environments for fellowship that are nurturing, exciting, and encouraging. Ensures fellowship is seamless in its orchestration. Recruits others across the congregation for planning and implementing these events effectively and efficiently while maximizing resources of time, money, and people. Expertise in culinary innovation and preparation, budget creation/projections and tracking, strategic kitchen planning and […]

Steve Moffett

Facilitates and implements programs that help our members in areas of need, both physical and spiritual. Looks for areas of special opportunities to serve our members. Informs the elders of spiritual needs. Aids the leadership of this congregation by helping each Deacon perform to his best ability. Coordinates the work of our deacons and the […]