Andy DeSoto

Leads, plans, organizes, coordinates, engineers, solicits bids, reviews proposals to ensure our building is attractive, safe, and effectively maintained (inside).  Works across the organization to solicit ideas, support, and helps in making this a congregational activity where appropriate. To lead by serving.

Brian King

In concert with our youth minister helps define, create, staff and lead Bible study for our youth groups. Works across the congregation to staff with our best teachers for grades 6-12. Develops curriculum for grades 6-12. To lead by serving.

Bryan Basham

In addition to adult education, aids the leadership of this congregation by helping each Deacon perform to their best ability. Coordinates the work of our deacons and the deacon meetings. Helps the members by serving as a clearing house for information. Aids the Elders in communication with the deacons in the facilitation of their assignments. […]

Caleb Boyd

Primary point of contact and leader for all technology issues.  Works with the team to ensure requests are handled appropriately and timely. Orchestration, supervision, and maintenance of church email, church Directory, Onboarding, Tech Support, EasyTithe, VBS sign-up, Website, Honeywell thermostats, and Stewardship Committee.  To lead by serving.  

Carl Grimes

Goal is to make everyone who enters our doors at SMCoC to feel like somebody.  Somebody that God dearly loves and we, each member of the congregation imitating Christ, dearly loves.  Orchestrates planning and execution of involving all members in this vital caring and loving activity.  Encourages everyone to make others feel welcome and belonging […]

Charlie Scott

Ensures the success of each of these programs with strategy, planning, communication, involvement, and execution.  See a description of the programs below. To lead by serving. The vision of CYC is to maintain a positive program, which empowers our teenagers with sound teaching and challenges and encourages them to live their lives for Christ. It is the […]

Chris Mallard

Creates events and environments for fellowship that are nurturing, exciting, and encouraging. Ensures fellowship is seamless in its orchestration. Recruits others across the congregation for planning and implementing these events effectively and efficiently while maximizing resources of time, money, and people. To lead by serving

Daniel Haile

Facilitate a Vacation Bible School program that makes the Bible come alive in the lives of our children. To encourage those who teach. To develop future teachers. To help make our program a beacon to reach out to others. To recruit sufficient aid for planning and implementing our VBS. To lead by serving.

Doug Patterson

Develops programs and events designed to fulfil the goals of Kids for Christ. To help children understand that God is real and that His Word in the Bible is true. To teach children basic Bible truths, role models from the Bible, and most importantly, how Jesus can be their personal Savior and never-failing friend. To […]

Dustin Murphy

Administrates the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content with appropriate spiritual messages. Identifies and improves content through review, interviews, feedback sessions, and best practices from other Church of Christ sites. Creates a regular publishing schedule. Leverages the right tools to manage content. Implements a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, […]